Be the "Mummy" of the Year!

Get ready to make healthy AND delicious Halloween treats with my latest recipe e-book...

It's that spooky time of year!

Halloween is right around the corner!

Are you dreading the inevitable sugar high and awful crash that your kids will have after all that Halloween candy?

Do you want to find a way to make sweet treats that kids actually like but don't contain a whole bunch of sugar, additives, preservatives?

I totally hear ya!

That's why I created 

"The Busy Mom's Guide to Healthy Halloween Treats"!

I know what you're thinking... "Witch, please! HEALTHY Halloween treats? Really???"

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Every year, over 600 million pounds of Halloween candy is sold. And most candy is over 10-15% sugar... that's over 60 million pounds of sugar in Halloween candy being bought, and most likely eaten, every year!

There are numerous downsides of eating a high sugar diet, including weight gain, increased risk of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes, to name just a few.

So, like most Moms, I want to make sure that I look after my family and make good decisions about the food that they eat, so that are healthy, happy kiddos!

I like to minimize the amount of refined sugar that my family eats. Which led me to create healthy and delicious Halloween treats!

I know what you're thinking... how can you make Halloween treats with less bad-for-you stuff in it?? You must be crazy!

But I assure you, these treats are yummy and nutritious, while also being quick and easy to make.

You can even make these treats for any Halloween party you're throwing!

Now you can be the Ghostess with the Mostest

You probably have more questions, so let me answer some of them below!

So what recipes are in this e-book?

Great question! This e-book has 2 sections. The first is the "Sweet" section. This contains recipes for healthier sweet treats that are super easy to make. The second section is all about "Savory" treats. This time of year can get really busy, so I wanted to create very quick and easy family dinners.

Do your kids actually like these treats?

Yes! I test all my recipes with my family including my kids, and they really did like these recipes! Some of their favorites were the Healthier Rice Crispy Treats, Watermelon Eye balls and the Fizzy Halloween Drink.

But will adults like these treats too?

Yes! I also tested these recipes on my husband and parents-in-law and they loved the recipes too!

Got more questions? I've got answers!

How long will these recipes take to make?

The majority of these recipes take 30 minutes of less to make. There are a few exceptions, but mostly that is due to time needed to allow the jellies to set, or the crockpot to do its work!

Where do I find the ingredients?

I've included two free bonuses: a Shopping List to help you get ingredients at a local grocery store, and access to an Online Ordering Form to order and deliver your groceries to your home, if needed.

What you will get with this E-Book:

10 healthy and delicious Halloween recipes!

High resolution color photographs of my favorite thing in the whole world... FOOD!

Shopping list for all the ingredients used in each recipe

Online ordering for all ingredients in each recipe

Online ordering for any kitchen tools I use

All this, plus tips and tricks for making healthy Halloween treats at home, in a recipe E-Book that you can download to any phone, tablet or computer, for only $15.97!

But hurry, the Healthy Halloween Treats E-Book won't be around for long!

This E-Book will only be available till 11:45 pm CST on Thursday October 31, Halloween

So don't be a jerk-o-lantern! (Lol jk!!!) Get your copy of The Busy Mom's Guide to Healthy Halloween Treats before the ghouls and goblins take it down on October 31!

I'm so glad you're ready to order!

Just fill out this form below and The Busy Mom's Guide to Healthy Halloween Treats will be emailed directly to you.

Bone Appetit! 



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